why? because we want to be part of the solution to the problems that plague human beings worldwide depravity, depression, degeneration, desperation. Every community in the world seeks to improve in various ways, and we'll be contributing our share to achieving this.

We believe that we have the inspiration, the energy and the vision to see change happen so that people can realize the long term fulfilment that so eludes many.

We have a passion to see lives & communities transformed. We believe that when lives are changed and transformed one at a time, a few at a time, it can lead to critical mass of change and transformation for a whole community.

Through the knowledge, wisdom and radical transformation in Jesus Christ, we have found our answer to this human condition, as many others before and after us. We are confident that no other kind of therapy or intervention, no religion, social system or philosophy can produce the results and achieve the transformations that occur through Jesus Christ.